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If you’re ready to be the smart, confident leader that we need in the nonprofit world, then put an end to bad professional development.

No more webinars that tell you what you SHOULD do, but not HOW to do it.

No more overloaded conference panels with more speakers that useful tips.

No more trainers who don’t understand how busy you already are.

No more examples that you could never afford to recreate.

If you want real results, you need real skills.

You need step-by-step tutorials, checklists and templates that show you HOW to do it and do it RIGHT.

You need strategies and inspiration that actually works for nonprofits like yours.

You need an expert with whom to talk through your questions and ideas.

You need a personalized website review and itemized checklist you can follow.

Join me for one of these trainings...


Double Your AudienceDouble Your Audience

Your work, and your career, demand real results, and that means you need real skills.

I want to help you become the smart, confident leader that we need in the nonprofit world.

That’s why I’m offering a new kind of training: an incubator.

Double Your Audience is a seven week incubator where you’ll learn how to get more people on your email list.

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Google Analytics ToolkitComplete Google Analytics Toolkit

Imagine being able to quickly build up your email list or tell your boss that you raised more money than expected.

Imagine how easy it would feel to pull up a dashboard that gives you the answers to all your most important website questions.

Or, imagine how empowering it would be to walk into a meeting with your boss or your colleagues, *numbers in hand*, ready to show proof that your idea for the website is the right one.

This is the best training program to get you *fully launched* with using Google Analytics for strategic decision making.

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